Sarah Azhari and Rahma Azhari - Indonesian Singers and Actresses

Sarah Azhari (born June 16, 1977 in Jakarta, Indonesia) is an Indonesian actress, model and singer. She was named the most beautiful Indonesian woman in 2005, which may make her older sister, Rahma Azhari (also known as Ayu Azhari), jealous. She is one of eight siblings of celebrities' from the Azhari family, the fanily is known for full sensation and controversy. Members of the famous family include celebrities like Ayu Azhari and Ibra Azhari.

Her filmography includes starring acting roles in Daun di Atas Bantal and Lupus Millenia in the late 1990s. lately most of her roles are on television in soap operas.
She is reportedly a nymphomaniac who has had a lot of extramarital affairs with Indonesian male celebrities. On her blog she says that she is very interested in dating Men, having relationships with men, friends, and activity partners.


  1. These sisters are queens of sensation. I think they are not too successful in doing their careers. They focus on bodily impression. The Azharis are lacking of talents. They may be dwarfed by their fellow Indonesian celebrity, Anggun, whose repute has been worldwide.